Products & Services  

ASRA Stampings has worked with many known brands over the years.  The stampings business is vast and we, at ASRA, are capable of producing high quality stampings and assemblies to suit your needs. We can also supply a large variety of fans to suit your market’s needs.


Aside from manufacturing of precision stampings, ASRA is also in the business of manufacturing and supply of ceiling fans for domestic as well as export requirements. We divide our products into three simple categories as listed below. Just click on the below to see some pictures of our products.

  • Plain & Decorative Ceiling Fans – 24”, 30”, 36”, 42” 48” & 56”
  • High-Speed Ceiling Fans
  • Table Fans & Pedestal Fans
  • Wall Mounted Fans
Stampings and Components (Click the bulleted points below for more details)

> Electrical Stampings & Motors

  • Rotors & Stators
  • E I F Laminations
  • Motor Cores
  • Transformer Cores
  • Motors with copper winding

> Sheet Metal Components

  • Metal Brackets and Panels
  • Angles & Shafts
  • Fan Blades
  • Door Handles & Hinges
  • Metal frames and bodies of various products
  • Automotive Sheet Metal Parts

> Deep Drawn metal components

  • Metal Dishes, Cones and Bowls
  • Metal Caps & Covers
  • Engineering products
  • Automotive Deep Drawn parts

> Precision Press Components

  • Frames or Bodies for Electronic products
  • Rear or front panels for various digital or mechanical products
  • Automotive Precision parts
> Sub-Assemblies
  • Multi-Combination Metal parts for machines
  • Sub-assemblies with plastics (including injection molding products)
  • Parts for Automotive Industry

> Motors

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Table and Pedestal Fans

The stampings industry is so large that it is like an ocean of products.  If you don’t see your product requirement mentioned here, it doesn’t matter.  Just contact us and we will quickly respond to your project/requirement.

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