What do you get when you do business with ASRA Stampings?

  • A reliable partner who understands your business needs and supports your business goals.
  • Delivery and performance beyond expectations
  • On time every time based on YOUR clock.
  • A partner with a consultative approach who can maximize customer benefits
  • Products that have gone through rigorous quality checks
  • A vendor who is committed to making better products and raising standards at all times.

Our Expertise in Stampings manufacturing as well as our in-house tool design, motor winding, assembling, Decarb and die casting plans give our customers the advantage of having a one-stop shop for all their metal processing needs.

Contributing to the bottom line:
On-Time Deliveries by YOUR Clock: Standing out:
  Maximizing Customer Profitability by driving down costs AND maintaining the highest quality standards.  
  Our Customers decide timelines and we always adhere to them relentlessly without compromise.  
  Our consistent performance and reliability coupled with our expertise has made us get noticed amongst the crowd.  
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